Barack Obama favorite and eric holder fan, Loretta Lynch, has been confirmed by the United States Senate, and will be our new Attorney General.

Based on the fact that, during her confirmation hearings, Ms. Lynch ducked question after question regarding how she would run the Justice Department, but was kind enough to tell us that illegal aliens have exactly the same rights to get jobs as the legal citizens competing for those jobs, I have no expectations that she will perform well.

Her exact quote on illegals and jobs:

“I believe that the right and the obligation to work is one that\’s shared by everyone in this country regardless of how they came here.”

Ms. Lynch is also an avid fan of legal partial birth abortions – not just when the mother\’s life is in imminent danger, but any old time – even in the late 9th month, when anyone with a brain – and a heart – would know that the abortion would kill a live child. 

The good news is 1) Loretta Lynch is not eric holder:  an undeniably huge plus, 2) that, as poor a choice as I think she is, you never know how people are going to actually perform until they start performing, and 3) in any event, she will probably be there for less than two years – a 100% certainty if we elect a Republican in 2016.

My expectations aside, I wish Loretta Lynch well, and hope that she does nothing but surprise me in the positive.

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