Suppose you are an actor. 

Suppose you land a role in a play called “Ferguson”, which is about the shooting and killing of Michael Brown by Police Officer Darren Wilson.

Suppose the play consists of little other than a reading of the actual grand jury testimony taken after the shooting/killing took place – not embellished, just word for word what actually was said.

And suppose you then find out that the grand jury testimony contradicts what you thought – maybe what you very much wanted to think – about how that shooting and killing went down.

What do you do?

Excerpted from Matt Pearce\’s article for the Los Angeles Times:

Veteran actor Philip Casnoff hadn\’t read the full script yet when he arrived for the first rehearsal of “Ferguson,” a play chronicling the shooting of Michael Brown by a Missouri police officer.

Then he read the script, which tells the story that Brown didn\’t have his hands up and that he charged at Wilson.

Now, in a case of art imitating life, the play is experiencing the kind of ill will and mistrust that erupted from the city it attempts to portray. Part of the 13-member cast is in revolt – Casnoff and four others have quit – as the playwright and actors are locked in a fundamental disagreement over how to tell the story of Brown\’s death.

“It felt like the purpose of the piece was to show, \’Of course he was not indicted – here\’s why,\'” Casnoff said. He said that after he learned who the play\’s author was, Casnoff, who describes himself as “very liberal, left-wing-leaning,” thought, “Whoa, this is not the place for me to be.”

Through testimony taken from grand jury transcripts, the play ends with a witness telling a prosecutor that Wilson was justified in killing Brown. The audience is then supposed to vote on whether Wilson should have been indicted.

Fascinating, isn\’t it? 

All this play does is present the same testimony, word for word, that the grand jury heard. 

But five of the actors, their wiwoo sensibiwities bwuised by having to deal with reality – i.e. the basis for Darren Wilson not being charged with any crime by either the grand jury or the eric holder-led Department of Justice (despite the fact that it was chafing at the bit to take him down) could not live with themselves if they had a hand in presenting it. 

Much better to continue pretending that Michael Brown was a helpless young teen angel, a gentle giant who was brutally executed by a bloodthirsty cop.  Hey, isn\’t that what the protesters said…when they weren\’t looting the stores on Ferguson\’s main street, then burning them down?  It MUST be right.  Right?  Uh, right?

Simply (and I do mean simply) stated, these people want to live in a world where truth is the enemy. 

Well, they are in Hollywood….so I guess they picked the right place to do it. 

Me, I prefer the real world.  How about you?