Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for President – by videotape.  She then got into her stealth van and did a 1,000 or so mile drive — for what particular reason I have to say I cannot figure out, since the only publicity it got her seemed to be people scratching their heads the same way I was. 

Now Ms. Clinton – who is avoiding the press like Dracula avoiding the cross – is in ?????????  doing ?????????.  Who even knows?

Meanwhile, former Baltimore Mayor and Maryland Governor, Martin O\’Malley, is in Hollywood speaking to left wingers in the film industry (a redundancy if there ever was one) and, presumably, building a donor base for his challenge to Clinton for the Democrat nomination.

Excerpted from Tina Daunt\’s article for Hollywood Reporter:

You can\’t be a serious Democratic presidential hopeful these days without a fundraising base in Hollywood, which is why former Maryland Gov. Martin O\’Malley is back in town this week to meet with a loyal cadre of industry admirers.

O\’Malley on Wednesday afternoon made a visit to Sony Studios, where he has longstanding relationships with a number of top executives. On Thursday evening, he\’ll attend a high-wattage meet-and-greet hosted by Sony Pictures-Screen Gems senior production vp Eric Paquette and Dixon Slingerland, the Youth Policy Institute\’s executive director, who raised nearly $1 million for Barack Obama\’s campaigns…(which) is expected to draw more than 50 industry Democrats and activists. It\’s the second such affair Paquette has hosted for O\’Malley, who is generally thought to be positioning himself as the alternative candidate to Hillary Clinton.

O\’Malley\’s left-of-center views have generated excitement among some Hollywood progressives who worry that the former Secretary of State has become too conservative.

What an interesting last line.  Hillary Clinton is “too conservative” for the Hollywood set.  But don\’t laugh – because comparatively speaking, it makes a lot of sense. 

Martin O\’Malley is not fabulously wealthy; the Clintons are.  Martin O\’Malley did not vote in favor of the war in Iraq; Clinton did.  Martin O\’Malley does not have a foundation that, based on what we have learned recently, seems to be viewed by Hillary and Hubby Bubba as the world\’s largest piggy bank ($290 million in “other expenses”?  Other expenses”???.)

If you are a Democrat who attacks Hillary from the right, you will get nowhere.  Rightward Democrats are about as easy to find as pork stores in Riyadh.  But attack Hillary from the left, and your potential is virtually unlimited.

There are still people who, despite all this, and despite Hillary Clinton\’s awful record as a campaigner, think her candidacy is inevitable.

Believe me, it\’s evitable.  Just ask that unknown fella from her 2008 attempt to win the Democrat nomination…what\’s his name?…..oh yeah, Barack Obama.

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