How many more of these are we going to experience?  When will the people doing this realize how much they are hurting racial relations?

From Jennifer Smith’s article in London’s Daily Mail:

A ‘non-white’ student in Missouri has left ‘white lives matters’ and the N word graffiti on the mirror of the bathrooms in their high school.

The student wrote the message on the mirror in the girls’ bathroom at Parkway Central High School in Chesterfield this week. 

Another student took a photograph of it and one of their relatives posted it on social media. 

School officials have since revealed that the student who wrote it is not white. They have not indicated what the youngster was trying to achieve when they left it there or what their race is. 

What is that supposed to do?  “prove” that White people are racists?  As if the fact that some White people are racists is currently unknown?

Well, all it has done is guarantee that the next time an incident like this occurs, even if the perpetrator is White, there will be immediate, and justifiable, suspicion that it is nothing more than another racial hoax.  In other words, yawwwwwwn.

And, ironically, the only people this helps are White racists themselves.  Because it gives them credible cover  “Hey, don’t blame us, it’s one of those (pick your pejoratives for Black people).  Everyone knows they do it themselves all the time.”

In the immortal words of Pete Seeger, “When will they ever learn?  When will they ever learn?”

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