News flash:  Amnesty International has discovered (gasp!) that hamas is comprised of some bad people.

Pigs really do sometimes fly.

Excerpted from Ari Lieberman\’s article at

The so-called human rights group Amnesty International, which frequently and unjustly criticizes Israel for defending itself against today\’s modern-day Nazis, has issued another scathing report about this past summer\’s war in Gaza involving the Israel Defense Forces and Hamas. However, in a surprising and refreshing turn of events, Amnesty International actually performed a genuine investigation and issued a biting indictment of the Hamas terrorist group.

The report, one of four issued by Amnesty International concerning the war, confirms that during hostilities Hamas engaged in extrajudicial summary executions and murdered at least 23 fellow Palestinians. Some of the killings were motivated by paranoia while others were carried out just to settle scores. In less than politically correct terms, it was “justice” Palestinian style.

One incident highlighted by Amnesty International\’s March report bears special mention because it demonstrates Israel\’s near-impossible position in asymmetrical warfare and typifies the cynical manner in which Israel’s enemies manipulate a pliant and often times hostile media to their advantage.

On July 28, 2014, 13 Palestinians, including 11 children, were killed following an explosion at the al-Shati refugee camp. The Amnesty International report concluded that the carnage was the result of a misfired Hamas rocket and had nothing to do with Israeli military activity but most media outlets at the time spared no effort in blaming Israel. AFP, for example, immediately claimed that the casualties were the result of an Israeli missile strike. Other media outlets, while noting Israeli denials, did so dismissively giving more credence to Palestinian sources in almost knee-jerk fashion.

Amnesty International also faulted Hamas for storing rockets and other munitions in civilian areas including UN schools. There were several documented cases involving these types of transgressions. In one memorable and almost comical moment, an unhinged Palestinian terror apologist, Diana Buttu, attempted to justify the placing of munitions in schools by claiming that “school was out.”

This is something of a landmark event for the mostly-compromised Amnesty International – which I sometimes think is the model for leftward web sites like “politifact” and “snopes”, which pretend to conduct impartial investigations that, somehow, usually wind up with the folks on their side of the aisle “winning”.

But, regardless of how it came to be, I commend the organization for – at least this time – seeing facts as they are, not through the prism of Palestinian Arab sympathy and Israel animus.

Congratulations, AI.  Try to keep things this way, ok?

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