When Barack Obama became President, we had about 30,000 troops in Afghanstan, the terrorist training camps had been cleaned out and a more or less freely elected government was in control of the few places in that godforsaken country where anyone could be in control.

President Obama had a different idea, though.  He decided, possibly based on Russia\’s great “success” in doing so, that it would be a good idea to boom up our military involvement and do a little nation-building.  So we wound up with almost 100,000 troops there – more than triple the number Bush ever sent. 

(That is why the vast majority of Afghanistan casualties have occurred during the Obama years – something our wonderful “neutral” media for some reason continually forget to inform the public about.  But they had no problem trumpeting Mr. Obama\’s braggadocio, during the 2012 presidential campaign about lowering the troop number there – the troops he himself had sent there in the first place .)

The beneficial results of President Obama\’s policies in Afghanistan?  Zero.  Afghanistan today is in far worse shape than it was when Mr. Obama took office and its head of state, hamid karzai, has no problem canoodling with the taliban, and making his disdain for Mr. Obama crystal-clear.

Little wonder, then, that the Taliban, which Bush routed, has made a huge comeback there – even in Kabul, its capital city.

This leads me to the following excerpts from an article in yesterday\’s New York Times – one which describes a situation which should be major news everywhere, not just in this one venue:

The Taliban assailants apparently thought they wereattacking an unprotected Christian-run day care center. But theymistakenly burst into the compound next door, where an Americangovernment contractor\’s employees were heavily armed and ready,according to accounts that the contractor and the Afghan police gaveon Friday of a wild four-hour shootout here.

Thecontractor, Rootsof Peace, which runs agricultural projects financed by the UnitedStates Agency for International Development, had taken the precautionof blocking its front gate with an armored Land Cruiser, which guardsused to take cover behind and shoot at the attackers, said Gary Kuhn,the group’s president, interviewed by telephone from itsheadquarters in San Rafael, Calif.

Thatslowed the attackers enough for the guards and the five foreignresidents to retreat into the house and upstairs. “There\’s acircular staircase which is very hard to take cover on. One triedcoming up it, and the guard shot him,” Mr. Kuhn said, citingaccounts from his staff members in Kabul.

Whilethe gun battle was underway, next door, at what apparently had beenthe Taliban\’s intended target, a Christian-run day care center thathad no armed guards and normally left its front door open, policewere able to rescue two dozen foreigners, according to Gen. MohammadAyub Salangi, the deputy interior minister, who went to the scene.Their nationalities were unclear but they appeared to be Americans orEuropeans.

Afghanofficials said all five Taliban attackers were killed, including onewho committed suicide. The death toll also included two Afghancivilians, one of them a young girl. Two Roots of Peace guards werewounded.

Theshootout was the latest in a series of deadly attacks on foreignjournalists, aid workers and visitors since January, in the midst ofheavy security for the Afghan presidential election campaign.

Theattack came less than a week after suicidal gunmeninvaded the luxury Serena Hotel, killing nine people, includinga prominent journalist and most of his family.

That, folks, is the Afghanistan today. Not the Afghanistan that President Bush left for President Obama, but the Afghanistan that President Obama\’s policies have allowed to evolve.

My commendation to the New York Times for printing this article – not because it did a thing beyond the call of duty, but because so many other venues, which also should be reporting stories like these, did not.

And, yes, these are the same “journalists” who bristle if you accuse them of media bias.

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