National Review has put together a “rogue\’s gallery” slide show of Democrats who, in recent times (most of them within the last few months) have been arrested for, convicted of, or otherwise exposed as committing, various forms of corruption – including bribery, child pornography, misuse of funds, etc. 

These are not inconsequential people.  They include, among others, the Mayors of three major cities,  the speaker of the house for a state and the majority leader of the U. S. Senate.

You can see it by clicking here.

And when you do, please keep in mind that every one of these Democrat politicians, and every one of their crimes combined, has not generated the media attention given to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie – Republican Chris Christie – over allegations (no evidence found) that he was involved in closing a couple of lanes on the George Washington Bridge for four days last year.

Then think for just a second about what this tells you regarding media bias. 

I ask you to do so for just a second, because that is all it will take.

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