Despite the fact that they wound up in the same political party, Donald Trump and John McCain were adversaries.  They didn’t like each other.  And McCain, through his promotion of the Steele Dossier and his sandbagging of President Trump and his party on the Obama repeal/replace vote, gave Mr. Trump good reasons to feel  that way.

But John McCain is dead.  Has been for seven months.  And most of the country thinks of him as a hero.

So what possible reason would there be for President Trump to bad-mouth him now, and then double down on the bad-mouthing when cited for it?

What benefit does he derive?  What benefit does his party derive?  What benefit does the country derive?

None, none and none.

If Mr. Trump had answered questions about John McCain with something like “As you know, Senator McCain and I had our differences, but he is gone and there is no reason to discuss this anymore” his position on McCain would remain uncompromised, and the issue would have ended right then.

But there is something inside – maybe it’s the Jamaica, Queens in him (a subject I know a lot about) – that, even as President of the United States, does not let this happen.

Like the gambler who keeps losing but can’t stop playing, Trump keeps attacking even when there’s no reason, no benefit, to the attack.  Even though all it does is make him, and us, look bad.

Sometimes we create our own problems.  And this is one of the most irritating self-created problems Donald Trump brings to the presidency.

In the immortal words of another Queens resident – Archie Bunker – why can’t he just stifle himself once in a while?

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  • why can’t he just stifle himself once in a while?

    By now I think it is clear, this is just who he is. It isn’t an act.

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