Over the past two years, how many Democrat politicians, CNN/MSNBC commentators and “journalists” assured us that the mueller “investigation” would uncover collusion, obstruction of justice during the 2016 presidential campaign, that the President’s sons, daughter and son-in-law would be indicted, that this would result in President Trump resigning to save everyone’s skins, that the findings would be grounds for impeachment?

Can you count that high?  Can your computer count that high?

Now, how many of the  Democrat politicians, CNN/MSNBC commentators and “journalists” you just lost count of have said anything to the effect of “I was wrong about that”, “None of those people were indicted”, “None of the people mueller did indict and charge were accused of anything relating to the 2016 presidential campaign”, or (gasp!!!) “Now that this investigation is over, let’s have the same scrutiny, with the same rules of engagement, for the Clinton campaign”?

That one was much easier, wasn’t it?

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