“They’re our people, but we will do everything possible to make sure that you don’t send them back to us”.

That make sense to you?

If so, you’ll love this story out of Edinburg, Texas, as excerpted from Oscar Margain’s article for ABC affiliate KVUE:

EDINBURG, TX – An undocumented mother of 12 is fighting deportation and she’s getting help from the Mexican Consulate in McAllen, Texas.

Norma Roman tries to keep herself and her children busy. The mother, whose kids were all born in the U.S., helps her kids with their homework to take their minds off a grim reality: the possible separation from their mother.

She says she’s placing her faith in god and in her attorney. She currently has an “order of removal” by Immigration and Customs Enforcement after multiple run-ins with the law.

In 2011, Norma overstayed her visa and left the country only to be smuggled back days later.

In September, Norma was arrested for taking an extra $5,000 in food stamps, aid Norma claims she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to receive.

She says that she spent 36 days in jail and paid the money back.

But with limited resources to fight deportation, the 39-year-old turned to the Mexican Consulate for help.

Consul Guillermo Ordorica says that all 50 Mexican Consulates in the U.S. were instructed by the Mexican government to provide legal aid and create what are known as “centers for defense.”

Norma says that the consulate helped pay for legal services and petitioned the U.S. government for a stay of deportation.

Her concerns are for the care of her children. She says that two of her kids have learning disabilities and are under treatment, while her husband is gone three months at a time as a seasonal worker.


-Norma Roman is here illegally.

-She has 12 children whom taxpayers are in one form or another supporting – two of them with disabilities.

-She is on food stamps.  She went to jail for stealing $5,000 more in food stamps than she was supposed to have.

-Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) wants to deport her….

-…and the Mexican government is funding her effort not to go back there, where she is a legal citizen.

Do you have a problem with that?  As big a problem as I do?

Do you have a problem with the Mexican government, which is RESPONSIBLE for Norma Roman and her 12 children, instead expending its resources to make sure she stays in the USA as an illegal?

And do you have a problem with this article, which has no problem making its sympathy for Norma Roman obvious, but has not one word, about the fact that Mexico is aiding and abetting the illegality of her being in the USA…or the reasons that she, along with millions upon millions of other Mexican nationals, would rather live in fear here than openly and freely in their own country?

When do we start talking about Mexico’s part in this?  How horribly so much of its population is treated that they flee to live as illegals elsewhere?



  • Exactly.
    Did you ever wonder how she could have all those kids when she claims she only sees her husband every three months?
    I was looking for follow-up articles on her deportation, but haven’t seen any

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