I understand why I am reading about this at  I understand why I would read about it anywhere.

What I don’t understand is why I am not reading it at almost any mainstream media venue.

From Lukas Mikelionis’s article:

A convicted Palestinian terrorist and a key figure of the recent Women’s March will be deported from the United States after accepting a plea bargain that allows her to escape a prison sentence.

Rasmea Odeh will be stripped of her U.S citizenship and forced to leave the country and return to Jordan after failing to disclose to immigration authorities that she had been imprisoned in Israel for committing two terror attacks.

The terrorist-turned-activist rose to prominence in the US following her involvement with the Women’s March and another recent high-profiel protest, “A Day Without A Woman”. In a letter in The Guardian that she co-authored with other activists, Odeh urged women worldwide to join in a “new wave of militant feminist struggle.”

But according to the New York Post, Odeh had a secret: she was convicted for her role in two terrorist attacks in Israel, including an attack on an Israeli supermarket in 1969 that killed two students shopping for groceries. She was released from prison in 1980 following a prisoner exchange.

Despite spending 10 years in prison for terrorism in Israel, she acquired U.S citizenship in 2004 by withholding information about her past. She later claimed that post-traumatic stress disorder caused her to lie on her application for citizenship.

Another key organizer of the Women’s March, Linda Sarsour, has repeatedly defended her…

rasmea odeh is a convicted terrorist and murderer.

linda sarsour is a hamas-supporting terrorist sympathizer.

And both were prominent supporters of the so-called “Women’s March”.

March where?  Over an effing cliff?

Here’s a thought:  Maybe media could take a bit of time off from telling us Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are anti-Semites – an obvious lie to anyone who knows a thing about their backgrounds – and talk about who these two stalwarts of the so-called “women’s movement” really are.

Don’t expect it to happen any time soon.

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