Now that the mueller “investigation” is over, and no one in the Trump administration has been indicted or charged with any crimes relating to the 2016 presidential election…

…how about a few indictments and charges for some of the people who lied, withheld, misstated and exaggerated in order to instigate this two-year farce?

From John Solomon’s latest article at thehillcom – and please pay special attention to the last paragraph, which I’ve put in bold print:

Fox News’s brilliant reporter Catherine Herridge obtained new text messages Friday showing Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and his chief lawyer, Lisa Page, were discussing credibility issues and “bias” about a key human source whose work was to support the FISA warrant used to first spy on the Trump campaign in October 2016.

Those credibility issues likely were hidden from the judges who approved the warrant of Trump campaign adviser Carter Page (no relation to Lisa Page). As I have reported, the FBI also possesses emails showing concerns with the evidence it was going to use to support the FISA warrant.

Likewise the bureau didn’t disclose to the court that:

  • the “Steele dossier” that was the main FISA evidence was paid for with funds from Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic Party;
  • Christopher Steele, the dossier’s author, had told a senior DOJ official he was desperate to defeat Trump;
  • most of the dossier was not verified before it was used as evidence of alleged Trump-Russia collusion; and
  • agents collected statements from key defendants such as Papadopoulos and Carter Page during interactions with an FBI informant that strongly suggested their innocence.

Such omissions are so glaring as to constitute defrauding a federal court. And each and every participant to those omissions needs to be brought to justice.

Please read that last paragraph again.  Let it permeate.

These people are some (not all) arcihtects of the mueller farce.  They  lied.  They obfuscated…

…and, at least to this date, they – and the others, right up to the last Democrat presidential nominee – are walking free as if they did nothing.

Attorney General Barr?  Now that mueller is finished, how about phase 2 of the investigation – the one that deals with real evidence and real criminality?

I realize you’ve just been installed as AG, and the next short period of time will involved reading, digesting, and discussing mueller’s report.

But after that?   Waiting….

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