Today’s quote comes to us from hardline leftist and premier Trump hater Rep. Eric Swallwell (D-CA).

Here is what Mr. Swallwell had to say about the mueller report when asked, on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN show yesterday, whether he accepts the Department of Justice guideline that a sitting President cannot be indicted:

“That’s their guidelines, Wolf. I don’t accept though that a president should escape criminal liability by being re-elected or running out the statute of limitations. What we’ll do, and we are working on this, we will put in place a law in Congress, and hopefully the Senate passes it too, that would say that the statute would not run if a president is not indicted because of a DOJ policy. I don’t see how he does not have indictments waiting for him considering that he is individual one and considering the conduct that Michael Cohen talked about when he came to Congress and testified.”

Uh, Eric…

…if they can’t find any evidence that he did anything wrong, they won’t indict – regardless of what position he holds, President or otherwise.  And – assuming your sentience level overrides your Trump hatred – the fact that not one charge against anyone indicted by mueller has a thing to do with the 2016 election tells you mueller didn’t find such evidence.

Other than that, are you really telling us you put any value on the testimony of michael cohen – the guy who was already convicted of lying to congress?  That goes beyond hatred to flat-out irrationality.

I award Eric Swallwell Quote Of The Day “honors” for demonstrating his consistency as a take-no-prisoners Trump hater who, as seen here, will not let facts sway him.

You “win”, Mr. Swallwell.  And I suggest you share this “honor” with your many Democrat cohorts in the house who feel exactly the same way.

Now…after two years of obsession, which has amounted to nothing, how about trying to concentrate on doing something for the country instead of “getting” Donald Trump?

Change is good.


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