…..comes around.

Case in point:  the following exchange between left wing Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) and Kate Bolduan, from left wing CNN, regarding Coons’ attempt to block Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) from being confirmed as our next Attorney General…

…three years after Democrats, “knowing” they were going to win the Presidency in 2016 and going forward,  did away with the ability to filibuster such appointments, so those about-to-be-perennial-outsiders in the Republican Party couldn’t stop them:

BOLDUAN: But Senator, also a rules change the Democrats put in place could also come back to bite you. I mean, I don’t get into the weeds, but Democrats made it much easier than a simple majority can push through presidential nominees. Democrats did it for themselves and now Republicans can do it as well.

COONS: That’s exactly right. The filibuster no longer acts as emergency brake on the nomination —

BOLDUAN: So do you regret that?

COONS: I do regret that. I frankly think many of us will regret that in this Congress because it would have been a terrific speed bump, potential emergency brake, to have in our system to slow down the confirmation of extreme nominees. We’re instead going to have to depend on the American people, on thorough hearings and/or persuading a number of Republicans in those cases where President-elect Trump might nominate someone, who is just too extreme to the American people. I’ll remind you that Secretary Clinton won the popular vote and that Democrat — Senate candidates won more votes. So I don’t think Trump has an overwhelming mandate. I do think Republicans are conscious of that.

Translation:  yeah, I regret it.  Because now, the rules we ourselves put in place to shut up Republican opposition, are going to work when WE are the opposition.

But, Senator Coons assures us, remember:  Democrats are still the majority party.

The fact that, over the past eight years, Democrats have lost the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the Governorships?  Doesn’t count.

That’s some helluva mindset, Senator.  Keep telling yourself that a majority of the country is with you, that a majority likes what Democrats have done over the past eight years.

I promise, you will be thanked profusely for believing every word.

By Republicans.

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