Let\’s start with the fact that I do not know if this is true.

Saying it again:  I do not know if this is true.

That said, Charles C. Johnson, of something called “Got News”, claims to have solid information that Michael Brown, as a juvenile, was arrested in a case involving second-degree murder – and is suing for release of Brown\’s juvenile record which, apparently, should no longer be sealed now that he is dead.

Beyond the fact that, until we see more, this is pure speculation, two points should be made:

1) If Brown\’s record were clean, it seems to me that his family would already have asked that this information be released – in fact, they would have demanded its release to prove their son was the model citizen he has been portrayed as;

2) As I have mentioned in previous blogs, if you watch the video surveillance tape of Michael Brown robbing a convenience store and roughing up the owner or clerk (not clear which), Brown\’s demeanor – casual and unconcerned as he steals – certainly does not suggest this was a first-time occurrence.  I would expect someone not accustomed to stealing would be looking around worriedly, grabbing what he wanted quickly and immediately trying to hide it from view.  Brown did none of those things.

I will wait to see/hear what the demand for Michael Brown\’s records turns up.  Remember, we don\’t know until we know. 

But, I would lie to tell you I expect no criminal record to exist.

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