We\’ve all heard the one about the kid who kills his parents, and then pleads for mercy because he\’s an orphan.

Here is the political version – courtesy of this except from Jonathan Weisman and Jennifer Steinhauer\’s article in today\’s New York Times:

AHouse Republican-led investigation of the 2012 terrorist attack on anAmerican diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, will extend wellinto next year, and possibly beyond, raising concerns among Democratsthat Republicans are trying to damage HillaryRodham Clinton\’s presidential prospects.

RepresentativeTrey Gowdy, Republican of South Carolina and the chairman of theHouse select committee on Benghazi, said his go-slow investigationwas not motivated by politics. He said that he had gone out of hisway to maintain good relations with Democrats on the committee,asking Representative Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the panel\’sranking Democrat, to join him in private meetings in July with familymembers of the four Americans killed in Libya in July.

Ipromised the family members of the four slain and my colleagues onboth sides of the aisle the investigation would be serious and fair,”Mr. Gowdy said in an email. “Nothing would undercut both of thosepromises like an orchestrated timing.”

Butconcern is rising, both among Democrats and among those who note thatmost select committees tend to conclude far more quickly.

Afterthe midterm elections two months away, Republican attention is likelyto shift sharply to Mrs. Clinton, the secretary of state at the timeof the deadly assault and a possible Democratic presidentialcontender for 2016.

Ifit walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck,”said Phil Singer, a former Clinton campaign aide. “It\’s hard tolook at the timing and think it’s simply a coincidence that itwould wrap up in the heart of the presidential campaign.”


Tell me: 

-Which political party stonewalled every facet of this investigation and caused it to draw out all this time. and withheld so much cooperation that additional hearings became necessary just to get at information which should have been made available long ago?

-Which former Secretary of State managed not to show up and testify for months….and then disdainfully asked “what difference does it make” whether the killing of our people in Benghazi was the result of a spontaneous uprising or a premeditated attack. 

And now Democrats are complaining that an investigation of Benghazi which their actions extended far beyond the time it should have been completed….is taking a lot of time?

That kid I mentioned earlier had nothing on this bunch. 

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