Nero famously fiddled while Rome burned.

President Obama doesn\’t play the fiddle, but he\’s definitely got some Nero in him.

Here, drawn from Justin Sink\’s article at the, are a few of the things he said yesterday at a DNC barbeque:

“Ican see why a lot of folks are troubled….Theworld\’s always been messy…We\’re just noticing now in partbecause of social media..If you watch the nightly news, it feels likethe world is falling apart,”

“Wewill get through these challenging times just like we have in thepast.”

Are you reassured by those words?   Do you believe that there isn\’t any special problem – like, for example, radical Islam – it\’s just that social media out there; without Facebook and Twitter we\’d barely even notice the land being taken over and the thousands being tortured and killed as brutally as possible?

Yeah, it\’s that nightly news stuff.  Damn, they hate poor Barack Obama.  No wonder he never gets a fair shot from any of them. 

But don\’t worry,we\’ll get through this just like before (translation: if I can just get to January 20, 2017 without another major terrorist attack, I can tell the boobs who still buy my BS that I was a roaring success and it\’s all the fault of whoever takes over for me).

Incidentally, speaking of boobs who still buy Mr. Obama\’s (and, more generally, Democrats\’) BS, the event President Obama spoke at was  held at the Purchase, New York estate of Robert Wolf, a big – time Obama supporter who used to head the UBS Investment Bank…where guests forked over $15,000 per couple to hobnob with the President and other members of the uber-elite.

Please tell me you didn\’t believe all the rich guys were Republicans and all that Democrat $$$ only comes a few dollars at a time from poor people, civil servants and union workers.

Even Nero wouldn\’t fiddle with a load of BS that size.

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