Sometimes I think one of those brain-eating amoebas has somehow gotten inside the head of former Republican congressperson/current MSNBC morning show host Joe Scarborough, and every now and then decides to take a bite.

My latest suspicions were aroused because of his “analysis” (if you can call it that) of President Obama\’s startling admission that he has no strategy to deal with ISIS:

“Isit worse if a President says I\’ve got a plan, and this is exactlywhat I\’m going to do? Or is it better to go \’y\’know\’….\’cause thisis what I would do, if you ever elected me your President of theUnited States and I was about to be killing some terrorists a big wayand you asked me what the plan was, y\’know what I\’d say? \’I reallydon\’t have a plan right now. I\’m kind of working on it.\’ This isstraight out of \’The Art of War…where, when you were weak you makeyour enemies think you were strong, when you were strong you makeyour enemies think you were weak…”

Yep, what a great idea.  That\’ll fool ISIS into submission for sure.  And it will definitely bolster confidence in President Obama as a brilliant military tactician.  It will be recognized as another great triumph to add to:

– Iraq (oh wait, isn\’t ISIS taking it over?),

-Afghanistan (oh, wait, his huge troop surge there yielded nothing but US casualties),

-, Egypt (oh wait, his meddling resulted in a Muslim brotherhood fanatic becoming President – which, fortunately for us, was undone by the Egyptian military),

-Libya (oh, wait, that\’s a lawless terrorist outpost now),

-and Israel (oh, wait, the USA is so distrusted by Israel that our relationship has never been worse…and, with Kerry as Secretary of State, Egypt has become a more respected broker between Israel and hamas than the USA).

Ok, in fairness, maybe I shouldn\’t be this sarcastic.  After all, I should be taking into account Joe Scarborough\’s many years as a high-ranking officer in the milita….oh, wait, he never served a day.

Here\’s the news, Joe:  ISIS does not give a rat\’s ass what oh-so-clever wordsmithing President Obama, or you, or anyone else shoots out at them. 

You may think that ISIS (and every other USA-hating terrorist group in the world) was listening and taking notes when President Obama told them we don\’t have a plan to deal with terrorism.  But they didn\’t have to. 

Why not?  Because ISIS and the others already know he doesn\’t have a plan.  They already know that not only have we done virtually nothing to stop them anywhere in the world, but that President Obama and his disgraceful toady of an Attorney General eric holder are providing them with a non-existent border for them to cross into the United States and start conducting terrorist operations. 

That tells them more about Barack Obama\’s lack of any strategy 100 times more clearly than any words that could ever come out of his mouth.

Joe;  see a doctor.  There has to be something someone can do to remove that amoeba.  If it keeps chomping on your cerebrum, soon there won\’t be much left.  And, based on this latest comment, that day may be coming sooner than you think.

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