A week ago I wrote two blogs this one and this one – about how mainstream media were smearing Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, by making it seem as though he was part of some criminal fundraising scheme – when, in reality, a) no charges had ever been filed against him because b) two different judges, one federal and one state, both threw the charges out on the grounds that they were without merit.

Now, a week later, an attorney for the special prosecutor has checked in, and essentially told Walker\’s accusers and complicit media that they are full of crap – and I don\’t mean crap.

Read the following excerpt from Mary Spicuzza\’s article in the (Madison) Wisconsin State Journal, and see for yourself:

Gov.Scott Walker has not been a target of the John Doe investigation intoalleged illegal campaign finance coordination, an attorney for thespecial prosecutor overseeing the probe said Thursday.

RandallCrocker, the lawyer for special prosecutor Francis Schmitz, noted theinvestigation has been halted, saying, “At the time theinvestigation was halted, Governor Walker was not a target of theinvestigation. At no time has he been served with a subpoena.”

Crockerissued the statement a week after a court document Schmitz wrote latelast year and made public late last week identified Walker as beingpart of an alleged “criminal scheme” to coordinate withoutside groups and violate campaign finance laws.

Crockersaid no conclusions have been made about whether there is enoughevidence to charge anyone with a crime.

Schmitz,in a court filing that was released last week, wrote that JudgeBarbara Kluka had issued subpoenas “requiring the production ofdocuments related to the criminal scheme of R.J. Johnson, DeborahJordahl, Governor Scott Walker and Friends of Scott Walker to utilizeand direct 501(c)(4) organizations, as well as other politicalcommittees.”

InCrocker\’s statement Thursday, he wrote “it is wrong for anyperson to point to this sentence in a legal argument as a finding bythe special prosecutor that Governor Walker has engaged in a criminalscheme. lt is not such a finding.”

If media were interested in giving Scott Walker any kind of fair shake, this would be trumpeted in every venue that insinuated he was involved in last week\’s fantasy “criminal scheme” – just as loudly as the insinuations themselves..

Now:  would you bet even one red cent that this is going to happen?  Me neither.

But listen to them squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased….

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