Today, Team USA lost to Germany 1 – 0.  And, by losing, it advanced to the next round….because someone else lost as well.

Congratulations are in order, I guess.

I probably should be a soccer fan.  The one year I went to Saint Louis University (1963-64) it won the NCAA championship – and tied the U.S. Olympic team.  In fact, two players (Leahy and McBride, I think), were on both the SLU and Olympic teams, though I don\’t recall which side they played for in that game.

Me, I didn\’t play soccer.  I played trumpet.  And I managed to get on the school\’s “Trumpet and Drum” corps, which played fight songs at all soccer and basketball home games – so I always got a front-row seat (the basketball team managed a very credible 13-12 record that year in what then was an extremely tough Missouri Valley Conference).

But, to tell the truth, soccer never did it for me.  And still doesn\’t. 

So while a large percentage of the country is busy obsessing on the World Cup, I\’m hoping there\’s a Yankee game on.

Just one question:  If Team USA loses a couple more games, do they advance to the finals?

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