Ken Berwitz

More veteran\’s groups are speaking up about Donald Trump using them as political fodder.  And, to say the least, they are not happy about his behavior.

It is certainly not that Veteran\’s groups can\’t use the money.  It is that they do not like to be used as stooges for an egomaniac\’s exercise in self-pity and narcissism.

Excerpted from Reena Flores\’s article at cbsnews.com:

Some veterans groups are pushing back against Donald Trump\’sveteransfundraising event scheduled forThursday night, condemning the billionaire\’s feud with Fox News and hisdecision to opt out of the Republicanprimary debate hosted by the cable network.

One organization, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans ofAmerica, pledged to refuse any funds that Trump may try to donate from his Iowaevent, to be held at Drake University at the same time the Republicanfrontrunner was originally scheduled to appear on Fox News\’ debate main stage.

Founder Paul Rieckhoff took to social media Wednesday andsaid his group did not want to be part of Trump\’s “political stunts”:

Other organizations also shunned Trump.

Progressive advocacy group VoteVets.org said in statementthat Trump should not “hide from Megyn Kelly behind us.”

“Let me put this in language Donald Trumpunderstands,” Jon Soltz, Iraq War veteran and chairman of VoteVets.orgsaid in a statement. “You\’re a loser. You\’re a third-rate politician, whoclearly doesn\’t understand issues, and is so scared of Megyn Kelly exposing it,that you\’re looking to use veterans to protect you from facing herquestions.”

 These groups (and I have no doubt there are more just like them) can see right through this disgraceful, phony-baloney “event”: an event, as I pointed out in my previous blog, that only is taking place because Trump is acting like a spoiled little brat desperately in need of a diaper change.  Certainly not because he had any intention of helping vets tonight…until his monumentally large ego was bruised.

It amazes me that everyone doesn\’t see this as clearly.  It\’s not like Trump is keeping it a secret.  

And what is Trump going to do now that so many veterans\’ groups are turning him down?  Will he demand an apology or he won\’t do benefits for veterans?

Scarily enough, the answer probably is yes.  Because this has always been about Donald Trump. No one else and nothing else but numero uno.  

He is pathetic.

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