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What happens when you make good and sure every police officer believes he/she is under siege – by people far less interested in safe neighborhoods than they are in putting the wood to cops first chance they get?

Well, you certainly don\’t get aggressive policing.  

And if you have less aggressive policing, you have more aggressive law-breaking….very much including violent crimes up to and including murder.

Or, put another way….welcome to Chicago.

Excerpted from Kelly Bauer\’s piece at

Forty-two people have been killed and 210 wounded sofar in January, almost doubling last year\’s numbers.

It was the most violent January in years, according toDNAinfo Chicago data: In all, there were 199 shootings Jan. 1-25,while there were just 100 shootings over the same period last year. Thedata doesn\’t include the victims of violence from Tuesday into Wednesday, whenthree people were killed and another wounded.

Through early Tuesday, 42 people had been shotdead and 210 wounded, while last January saw 22 people dead and 98 wounded inshootings. On Monday alone, five people were shot and killed injust 11 hours.


Total shootings

People killed

People wounded

January 2016




January 2015   




January 2014




January 2013




January 2012




January 2011 




January 2010 




To combat those gangs and gun violence, Chicago Police have partnered withthe Cook County Sheriff\’s Office. Sheriff\’s deputies will joinpolice patrols where violence has spiked in 2016, Escalante said. Thedepartments seek to root out the city\’s gangs.

“Together we are going to send a clear message, aunified message, that gang violence in our communities will not betolerated,” Escalante said. 

Other than the statistics themselves, the saddest part of what you just read is Interim Superintendent John Escalante\’s comment that “…gang violence in our communities will not be tolerated”.

OF COURSE it will. It HAS been tolerated for YEARS AND YEARS.  And now, with police virtually guaranteed to back off their operations against the thoroughly entrenched Chicago gangs, it is only going to get worse.

And where will it be getting worse?  (Note to the blacklivesmatter crowd:  pay full attention here).  In Black neighborhoods – the places where these gangs run the streets and make innocent Black people who are just trying to lead decent lives into fear-driven victims, afraid to send their children out to play or even to go out for milk and eggs after dark.

But keep up those attacks on police, guys.  That\’s what you seem to do best.  And no one can say it isn\’t having an affect.

Looking again at the statistics, allow me to congratulate you on a job well done.

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