You really have to see/hear this to understand.

Last week, Tucker Carlson – more than any other, the must-watch cable news personality of prime time (more on this below) – interviewed one Sunsara Taylor, who is a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, among other similarly, er, non-mainstream entities.

At some point Carlson, whose patience with leftward crazies makes his show that much more entertaining, had enough and cut her off; not because she was making more sense than he could handle, but because she would neither respond to the questions he was asking nor allow him to explore what she was ranting about instead.

Here’s the video.  Enjoy:

Tucker Carlson’s deal is that he puts people like this on, and then allows them to keep talking, thus digging their own holes.  In Sunsara Taylor’s case, she dug through the entire core of the earth, out the other side, and is currently on a rocket ship heading toward a distant, yet-to-be-explored solar system.

That is the way you do it.  And why I would watch Mr. Carlson one helluva lot faster than almost any other political cable show host.

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