On Saturday, I blogged about the fact that town hall events held by Republicans were being disrupted and overwhelmed by Democrat plants – i.e. organized groups attending for the purpose of preventing any serious dialogue from taking place.  I noted that:

They are part of an organized effort to pretend there is a grassroots movement, which, in reality, has been organized and administered by the Trump hating left.

In case you have any doubt that this has taken place, Peter Hasson of pretty much ends the issue by posting an audio tape, acquired by Louisiana radio station KPEL, in which the organizers of one such action planned against Senator Bill Cassidy, talk specifically about their strategy to prevent any legitimate town hall meeting from taking place:

The activists split up into an “inside team” — tasked with occupying “as many seats as we can” and an “outside team,” whose job was to “give [the media] the coverage they want” before joining the others inside. Activists were instructed to dress like conservatives and leave at home “any signifier that you’re a liberal” in order to blend in with constituents.

The leftist activists strategized how best to “dominate” the question-and-answer section of the town hall and keep anyone “sympathetic” to Cassidy from asking a question.

The audio also reveals the activists laughing about “the poor people of Breaux Bridge” — local constituents — who might get stuck behind them. Local news coverage of the town hall said that “many attendees were turned away” from the town hall due to “capacity restrictions.”

If you have any doubt about the veracity of those quotes, here’s the audio tape.  Listen for yourself:


I have a question:  If this were acquired by a local radio station, aired on that station, and picked up by Peter Hasson, is there any doubt that mainstream media therefore had full access to it?

And if the answer is yes, which, of course, it is, then how come mainstream media are not reporting it (have you seen it anywhere else but here?).

Remember when the Tea Party movement started, and those same media could not stop referring to it as an “astroturf movement”?  And they never had proof like this.

Funny, isn’t it, how things change when the party that would be damaged is Democrat instead of Republican.


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