Do you remember the theme song from The Odd Couple?  

daDA daDA daDAAA, Da daDA da daDAA DAAAAAA….

Well, we may now have a new version, courtesy of the Democratic National Committee (DNC):  Tom Perez and Keith Ellison

Tom Perez, who ran for DNC Chair, is a career left wing political appointee, and hardline Hillary Clinton supporter.

Keith Ellison, who ran against Perez, is a favorite of the Bernie Sanders far left fringe, whose major accomplishment to date is claiming his 10 year association with White-hating, Jew-hating louis farrakhan makes him neither — then getting 300 Jewish leftists to support him anyway (let’s call them “Useful Yidiots”).

On Saturday, the DNC had its vote for this position. The results were announced (we hope that’s all she did) by Donna Brazile, the outgoing DNC Chair – who did everything but physically stab Bernie Sanders in the back to get Hillary Clinton nominated as the party’s presidential candidate. (How’d that work out?)

Ellison lost the first ballot – missing a majority, thus a win, by just one vote.

Then, on the second ballot, Perez pulled out a majority and was declared the winner. (At this point I would like to reiterate my hope that all Donna Brazile did was announce the vote totals).

Once Perez prevailed, the Ellison/Sanders supporters started screaming things like “Party for the people, not big money” – which, it seems clear, directly attacked super-rich Hillary Clinton, not her protegé Tom Perez (worth over $1 million, but nowhere near Clinton’s league).

Perez, while hearing the outraged screams, immediately declared that Keith Ellison should be his Deputy DNC Chair.  He claimed the two had discussed a Chair/Deputy configuration some time ago (which conceivably is true but, given the enmity between them, I wouldn’t bet a plug nickel on).

So what have we got?

-The DNC Chair which was vacated in disgrace (a fact media virtually never point out) by Debbie Wasserman Schultz,

-taken over by Hillary Clinton partisan Donna Brazile, who connived with CNN to make sure Hillary got the questions CNN used in its Clinton-Sanders primary debate,

-resulting in Perez and Ellison being married to each other at the DNC, despite the fact that it is clear their supporters hate each others’ guts (especially the Sanders people – lunatic-left fringe purists who treat political hatred as some kind of national pastime).

Do you miss The Odd Couple?  Ever wish that, since Jack Klugman and Tony Randall have passed away, there could be a revival with two new characters?

Well, the DNC’s Odd Couple of Tom Perez and Keith Ellison is the answer to your wish.

In the immortal words of songwriter Howard Deitz, that’s entertainment!

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