Did Beethoven ask for Mozart’s approval while writing his ninth symphony?

Probably not, since it premiered in 1824, 33 years after Mozart died

But, these days, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) – who, along with her California counterpart and Democrat presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, expect to be asked for President Trump’s approval when he nominates new judges for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – the most leftward, most frequently overturned, circuit court in the country.

In other times, that would have been accepted procedure.

But, now, we’re talking about two members of a party which had no problem attacking President Trump for non-existent collusion with Russia and had no problem when members of their party accused him of being a traitor.

Do they really expect that would yield any deferential protocol on Mr. Trump’s part?

If so, their expectations are slightly higher than they should be.  Like about 100%.

Excerpted from Gregg Re’s article at

The Senate is poised this week to consider two more conservative nominees selected by President Trump to sit on the left-leaning 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — and the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee isn’t happy about it.

That’s because the nominees, Ken Lee and Dan Collins, were picked without any input from either Dianne Feinstein or Kamala Harris, California’s two Democrat senators. Traditionally, the White House seeks to obtain a so-called “blue slip,” or approval, from a judicial nominee’s two home-state senators before pressing on with their nominations.

But the Trump administration, which has successfully nominated several conservative judges to the 9th Circuit already, has pointedly disregarded that process as it continues its push to transform the appellate court that the president repeatedly has derided as hopelessly biased and “disgraceful.”

“I take it that without notice or discussion, the blue slip is essentially dead,” Feinstein, the ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said in televised remarks on Thursday. “This change in practice not only harms the Senate, it harms the federal judiciary. And I wish we could’ve had an opportunity to discuss it. I really believe it’s a mistake.”

Feinstein, whose handling of the Brett Kavanuagh confirmation process still rankles conservatives, went on: “Before President Trump took office, the blue slip had been a Senate practice for nearly one century. And during the past 100 years, before this presidency, the Senate confirmed only five judges with only one blue slip, and the last one was in 1989 – and in 100 years the Senate had never confirmed a judge without two blue slips.”

Poor Diane.

Did she really think that her orchestrated timing of the accusations against President Trump’s supreme court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, would be forgotten?  That a kid from Jamaica, Queens, who spent his life dealing with New York’s building trades, would handle her behavior in a genteel, delicate way?

Under normal circumstances, Donald Trump is about as genteel and delicate as a wrecking ball.  And Feinstein created an abnormally negative situation for him.  Hello:  reality calling.

Bottom line:  Dianne Feinstein earned nothing but disdain from Donald Trump, and that’s exactly what she, and the equally Trump-hating Kamala Harris, are getting.

I suggest they learn to live with it.

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