As media, and their bosom buddies on the Hate-Fox-News left, continue their victory lap for getting Bill O’Reilly pulled off the air, we have reactions from three women, all of whom claimed they were sexually attacked – not harassed, but attacked – by Bill Clinton.

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Juanita Broaddrick, who claims that Clinton raped her: 

“I have no idea whether the accusations against Bill O’Reilly are true or not but I would like to ask, ‘Where in the world were all these people when Bill Clinton’s victims came forward with more serious accusations?  Why is Bill Clinton given a pass over the other Bills?’  I would truly like to know because I will never understand it”.

Kathleen Willey, who claims Clinton physically molested her, and then tried to intimidate her into silence about it – 

“Though I should not be surprised, I am still astounded by the hypocrisy of the members of the Democratic Party and media. While the revelations of the many scandals of Bill Clinton’s administration are stunning to this day, the left continues to ignore his many, many crimes such as rape, sexual harassment, and lying under oath. They have swept his transgressions and crimes under the rug for many years, only to refer to him as a ‘randy boy.’ There’s nothing ‘randy’ about him. He is a predator and a pervert.

“The charges against Bill O’Reilly are serious, but where has he been heard regarding these accusations? He has been judged, tried, and convicted by the Murdoch team. We will never know if these accusations are true or false. The least the powers that be at Fox could have done was to give him a forum on which to respond and say good-bye to his many fans. He helped build Fox News from the ground up. In the meantime, the MSM and the liberals continue to overlook Bill and Hillary’s ongoing lies and cover-ups.”

Paula Jones, who won an $850,000 judgment against Clinton, and the loss of his law license:

“I’m disgusted once again about how hypocritical the liberal media can be.  Those insane women on The View have the nerve to actually show their feelings on this issue and not see the same resemblance only worse about their man, Bill Clinton! I can’t say that any of this is true with Bill O’Reilly and none of them can say it either!

“I’ve not heard that Bill O’Reilly ever raped a lady or showed his tiny peeper to a lady either, like Bill Clinton has. Yet they want to crucify Bill O’Reilly, and think that Bill Clinton has actually paid the consequences.

“Clinton was only impeached and kept his job… He was rallied around by the whole media and liberal Hollywood! Bill O’Reilly has been fired from his job and is being railroaded for much less than what Bill Clinton has ever done!”

There they are.  Those are their reactions.

Do you blame them for being bitter about this?  Do you understand their bitterness not only at the man they consider a serial sexual abuser, but of the mainstream media which have never stopped protecting him?

I know I don’t.

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