Ferguson, Missouri\’s Police Chief, Thomas Jackson, has apologized.

To who and for what?

-To the parents of Michael Brown for the fact that their son laid on the ground for four hours before being taken to the morgue – an apology which should have been made…..well over a month ago.

-To the peaceful protesters for being “upset and angry” – an apology which should not have been made since, among them, were the rioters and looters police were, at least ostensibly, trying to prevent (the truth is, they largely allowed them to continue for days, and it ended less because the rioters and looters had a change of heart than the fact that, eventually, there wasn\’t enough left to bother looting). 

-To the parents of Michael Brown for the loss of their son – an apology which should not have been made, since the investigation has not been completed, and it may turn out that the shooting was entirely justified.  (Will the parents be apologizing for their son robbing the convenience store, and then walking in the middle of the street – which is why he was stopped in the first place – while high on weed?)

Bottom line? He would have been better off, at this point, just keeping his mouth shut.

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