Does Black skin insulate Barack Obama from criticism?

That point has been raised many times over the years of his presidency – including by me, in the context of his supporters screaming “racism” whenever he is criticized.

But does it extend to his inconsistent, often belligerent performance as commander in chief?

The following two quotes were pulled from Dana Milbank\’s article for the Washington Post:

“if GeorgeW. Bush were launching wars with Congress out of town, oh, (the White House) wouldbe flooded (with protesters)…he;s more eloquent, he\’s more intelligent, he\’s AfricanAmerican, he bills himself as a constitutional scholar.”:  Career left wing activist David Swanson

“(Obamahas) defanged that sentiment within the black community, orcertainly voicing that sentiment…if it were under Bush,there would be no split at all (within the congressional progressive caucus) and they would all be against this.”:  Code Pink founder “Medea” (actually Susan) Benjamin 

Wow.  Way to go Dave.  Not only do you tell us that Barack Obama gets a free pass for being Black, but that he\’s eloquent and intelligent…as if this, in and of itself, were an achievement for a Black man – exactly what any Republican would be vilified as a racist for saying.

And Susan (she likes to call herself Medea, like the mythical enchantress who married Jason…but she\’s Susan Benjamin from Freeport, Long Island)?  Whatever else we disagree on, your point in this instance is dead-on correct.

Many people feel that Barack Obama, as a White man with no qualifications, no political credentials and no experience in the business world, could never have come close to winning the White House – or, for that matter, a seat in the U. S. Senate.  Hillary would have shrugged him off like he was a fly on her shoulder.

And now we are left to wonder whether Barack Obama, as a White man, could botch foreign policy so completely, misread the terrorist threat so completely, then lie about the extent of that threat so completely, then go to war without congressional involvement (something Bush never did – a little factoid that is often forgotten by his haters), could have gotten away with any of this.

Is being Black an insulating factor against all this?  Well, you read the blog.  Decide for yourself.

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