Remember the Yazidi?

They are a small sect (estimated at less than a million followers) who mostly live in the Kurdish part of Iraq – or maybe lived would be more accurate.

Do you remember that tens of thousands of them had fled up a mountain, and were besieged by ISIS murderers?  That they had no food and water.

Do you remember what a big story this was – until Barack Obama authorized bombing of the ISIS positions below the mountain?

Then, with, kudos to Mr. Obama by his Accomplice Media for a job well done, we were told that the Yazidi had fled back down the mountain (maybe on the other side – no one really said). 

And that ended the story.  Just like an episode of a TV series.  Done, over and out.  No more story.  On to Brad and Angelina, America\’s Got Talent, or whatever. 

Well, it didn\’t end the story.  It turns out that a great many of the Yazidi are dead – including probably thousands at the top of that mountain we have been led to think most or all escaped from.

And ISIS has captured an untold number of the women – whom they consider spoils of war, and are selling to soldiers for about $1,000 a piece, to do with as they so choose – which I\’m sure you can figure out. 

So far, according to the International Business Times, some 300 Yazidi women have been sold – most likely the younger, better looking of them – with the rest presumably discarded in ways that would make all of us sick to our stomachs.

My question to you – and, more importantly, to our media:  Why is this not news anymore?  Why is there no reporting about these people? 

Is it because the Yazidis\’ fate is a demonstration of how impotent a few targeted air strikes are to stopping the advance of radical Islam;

Is it because this demonstrates how real their threat is, not only to people in that part of the world, but to the USA and our insanely open borders? 

Is it because this demonstrates how imperative it is that we have a meaningful strategy to deal with ISIS – not an insipid, utterly meaningless comment that we have no strategy because we shouldn\’t be putting the cart before the horse? 

Take a good look, Mr. President.  That horse is in front of the cart.  Pulling it at breakneck speed, directly toward us. 

And when we are hit – as we inevitably will be – who are you going to blame it on?  George Bush? 

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