A potential national incident may have been averted – and by just 24 hours.

Tonight, President and Ms. Obama will be guests at the wedding of Sam Kass –  Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy and Let\’s Move Executive Director, so you have to know he\’s a favorite of Michelle – and MSNBC host Alex Wagner. 

The wedding will be held at the remarkable Blue Hill at Stone Barns restaurant in Pocantico Hills, NY – which is situated on the former Rockefeller estate.

My wife and I celebrated our 45th anniversary in June.  Our children\’s gift was dinner for two at…

….you guessed it:  Blue Hill at Stone Barns.  And our reservation is for tomorow evening. 

Who knows what would have happened – especially if Michelle caught me (or, even worse, Barack) having a second buttered roll.

Ok, enough joking around. The truth is, however little I think of Barack Obama as President, he still is the President, and I admit I would have been thrilled to meet him. 

I can only wonder if he would have felt the same. 


ADDITIONAL NOTE:  I have a deal for the Obamas. 

It is now about 1PM on Sunday – and I have a deal for the Obamas.

If Barack, or Michelle shows up at our table tonight and brings us a bottle of wine, I will not say one bad thing about the President for the next 3 days. If neither of them shows up but one or another of them sends a bottle of wine, I\’ll go 1 – 2 days. 

Trust me when I tell you this is not going to happen.


Epilogue:  Well, no wine from the Obamas – which means they continue to be fair game.  But one amazing meal.  I\’ll blog about it tomorrow (Monday).

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