Have Barack Obama and his fellow democrats intentionally opened the floodgates for illegal aliens to come into the United States?

Before you answer, please read the following excerpts from Paul Bedard\’s article for the Washington Examiner:

Despite claims the administration was caught off guard, the White House and four Cabinet departments predicted last year\’s surge of at least 60,000 illegal juveniles over the U.S.-Mexico border and expect it to more than double to 127,000 this year, according to an internal document.

A 24-page administration PowerPoint for congressional appropriators dated April 22, 2014 bluntly stated that border arrivals of “unaccompanied alien children” would rise “by nearly a factor of 10” in 2014 to 60,000 and jump to 127,000 “if these growth rates continue.” It is shown below

Did you believe the administration when they told you this was some kind of surprise to them?  For your sake, I hope not.

Do you doubt that the reason behind this is their assumption that if enough illegals come here, and they are made legal voters fast enough (or are able to vote illegally where Voter ID laws either don\’t exist or can be subverted),  this will result in the country being controlled by Democrats for a long time?

I wonder what kind of country they think they will be controlling.

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