NBC, jumping on the bandwagon of its partner, Univision, has in effect “fired” Donald Trump.  His Celebrity Apprentice show will no longer air. (I\’m guessing this would have happened anyway, since – at least for the moment – he is a Presidential candidate).

But, in addition, the Trump-sponsored Miss Universe Pageant will not be shown.

This leaves Miss Universe with no TV coverage in the United States just two weeks before was scheduled to air (July 12th)…which means they might as well not hold it. 

It also means that everyone who worked so hard to put the show together, to become contestants, to produce the pageant, etc. – and who have nothing to do with what Donald Trump thinks or says about Mexico – have been left high and dry.

And why was this done?  Because Univision, in the back pocket of Mexico\’s government, did not like the blunt opinions voiced by Mr. Trump about the Mexican government facilitating the illegal immigration of its lowlife population – drug dealers, rapists, etc. – across the border.

Let me say two things at this point that any regular reader of this blog knows:  1) I am not a Donald Trump fan and would not vote for him to be President, and 2) I am no fan of the Mexican government, which mistreats its citizens so badly that 10% of the entire Mexican population, both legally and illegally, has fled to the United States.  Therefore I have no horse in this race.

That said, what Mr. Trump stated about Mexico and the illegals streaming over our border – that this, in effect, is the Mexican version of Cuba\’s Mariel boat lift, in which Castro made sure to send us as many of its undesirables as it could, may well have a strong element of truth to it.  

Keeping in mind that. for a decade or more, Mexico has provided illegal emigres pamphlets on how to deal with the USA border patrol if they are caught, I have to believe Mexico is especially happy to hand them out to people they don\’t want back.

In any event, NBC – the network that would not fire its Nightly News anchor for being outed as a serial liar – and Univision – whose owner, Haim Saban, is a huge supporter of Donald Trump\’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, and whose leadership has made their love of Clinton more than obvious – have gotten rid of Trump for expressing an opinion about the wholesale exodus of illegals from Mexico to the USA. 

And, in so doing, they have cut loose a pageant that so many people have worked so hard to put together for so long – people who have no ties whatsoever to Donald Trump\’s opinions.

Is that fair?

Look, I am no pageant person. I don\’t watch Miss Universe when it airs, and could not tell you who the last winner was, or pretty much any other winners in past years.  But I do know that what Univision and NBC have done is disgraceful. 

Would every other person who is on those networks stand up to the same scrutiny? Do Univision and NBC now pledge to fully review the comments, beliefs and associations of all its on-air talent and make sure no one has said anything about government or individual that they find distasteful?

I didn\’t think so.

Trump has vowed to sue the pants off of both Univision and NBC for breach of contract.  I hope he does, and I hope he wins. 

And I hope the Miss Universe Pageant airs on alternative networks, wherre it beats the pants off of Univision and NBC in the ratings.

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