Are you aware that a terrorist threat has been issued for the July 4th period?

From Bill Keveney and Kevin Johnson\’s article at USA Today:

Federal authorities have warned local law enforcement officials across the country about a heightened concern involving possible terror attacks targeting the July 4th holiday, a U.S. law enforcement official said.

While there was no specific or credible threat of attack, the official said the intelligence bulletin prepared by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI alerted local colleagues to the ongoing threats posed by the Islamic State and other homegrown extremists. The official was not authorized to comment publicly.

The bulletins are frequently issued in advance of major U.S. holidays out of an abundance of caution and concern that operatives may exploit the timing to generate greater attention.

This is, of course cause for great concern.  But there is also a political lesson here. 

Why would Homeland Security and the FBI issue such a threat, without a specific or credible threat? 

Because radical islamic lunatics would love to hit us when we celebrate our independence and our freedom – both of which they despise.

Just as they would love to hit us on 9/11, the anniversary of their great “triumph” during which thousands of innocent people were killed at the World Trade Center, the Pentagoon, etc.

Isn\’t that the day then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton neither had our compound in Benghazi on highest security alert, nor implemented serious contingency plans to protect our people from such an eventuality?

That\’s the political lesson:  you don\’t put someone this incompetent in the Oval Office.

Too bad there are so many people seemingly incapable of learning it.

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