A major decision was handed down by the Supreme Court yesterday.  It is a huge win for the Trump administration – and, depending on how you feel about it, either a huge win for the country as a whole or a humanitarian disaster.

From Alex Swoyer and Stephen Dinan’s article in the Washington Times:

The Supreme Court cleared the way Wednesday for the Trump administration to deny asylum to migrants from other countries who traveled through Mexico before reaching the U.S., giving the administration a major win as it tries to stop the border surge.

The move overrides a blockage put in place by a district court in California, allowing the asylum crackdown to go into effect even while the lower court continues to hear broader arguments on the case.

The administration’s new policy says that those truly seeking asylum could ask for it in Mexico, which is deemed a safe country. If they don’t, that suggests they’re not legitimate asylum-seekers fleeing persecution but rather regular migrants seeking better jobs or to unite with family — which are not usually valid reasons for asylum under U.S. law.

So? What do you think of this decision – which came down as a decisive 7-2, by the way?  Do you consider it reasonable?  Fair?

Regardless of your personal opinion, what you are seeing is the blossoming of a true “wedge issue” .  That is, an issue which – since every major Democrat candidate is on record as opposing the ruling – clearly delineates the difference between President Trump versus any likely opponent and may be the deciding factor for a significant number of voters.

Yes, it is true that the asylum issue existed before this Supreme Court decision. But now there is a specific, end-of-issue ruling by the court.  That takes it into far different territory.

How important is this?  Well, depending on how it is positioned/how voters view it, the ruling could well decide next year’s presidential election.  That’s how important.

It will be more than a little interesting to see how the candidates address the Supreme Court decision – as they surely will be asked to – in tonight’s Democrat debate.

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