House Judiciary committee chairperson Jerrold Nadler, ever on the lookout for things to do besides legislate for the benefit of his constituents and the rest in the country,  has produced a party line vote in favor of setting rules for pursuing the impeachment of President Trump.

If I were President Trump I would be thanking him.

This, folks. Is a classic example of a safe-seat Democrat, who cannot lose no matter what he does, acting like a horse’s ass to impress the majority Democrat/leftward drones, in his district, while alienating most others (every poll I have seen shows a majority of the country is against impeachment) – and, in this case, also forcing the Democrat presidential candidates to take a position on his impeachment move in tonight’s debate…

… unless, of course, none of the four Democrat-friendly questioners ABC has produced for this debate  puts them on the spot by asking about it.

Way to go, Jerry.   You’ve certainly earned your reputation again.


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