Today’s quote comes to us from ABC news commentator Matt Dowd.

While talking about President Trump this morning, on ABC’s “This Week” show, Dowd – who is no stranger to making bizarre comments – outdid himself and then somes by actually saying:

“He wasn’t investigated for the first two years at all! So, I think, there’s a little catch up to do in this.”

President Trump hasn’t been investigated in the past two years???????

if you doubt Dowd could possibly have said such a thing – and I don’t blame you a bit if you do – click here to watch the video.  It comes right at the end.

Matthew Dowd wins Quote Of The Day honors, for making me wonder which he needs more: a sobriety test or a psychiatric evaluation.

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  • That was bizarre, I wonder what he went on to say after that, maybe it would have put it into context.
    The woman who spoke before he made that comment was spot on. The reaction to her from the others was to say the least unprofessional. I don’t know who she is but my bet would be she is not going to be on that show again.

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