Today’s quote comes to us from April Ryan, of American Urban Radio Networks and CNN.  It is in the form of a question she asked of Trump Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during yesterday’s briefing:

“Chaos, hush money, Russia trolls, Facebook, Wikileaks, D.N.C. Hacks, Comey email investigation on the eve of the election, allegations of collusion.  Do these issues give support to those who offer questions about the president’s legitimacy?”

Let’s see:  a list-out of talking points which may or may not have a thing to do with Trump, a description of them as “issues” rather than talking points, and whether they “give support” to people who “offer questions” about Trump’s legitimacy.

How would you answer that?  What part would you answer?  What part of what component would you even be talking about?

I award April Ryan Quote Of The Day “honors” for posing what may well be the single most idiotic question in the history of presidential press briefings.  And that, folks, is no small achievement.

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