Am I reading this correctly?  Are the charges against Paul Manafort – not one of which have anything to do with the 2016 election, let’s remember – falling apart?

Take a look at the following excerpt from Chuck Ross’s article at, and you be the judge:

The special counsel’s office has told lawyers for Paul Manafort that it does not have evidence of any contacts between the former Trump campaign chairman and Russian government and intelligence officials.

That’s at least according to Manafort’s attorneys, who disclosed details of the interactions in court papers filed on Monday night.

The lawyers say they want a hearing to look into government officials’ leaks to the media regarding Manafort, a longtime political consultant who has been indicted on money laundering and bank fraud charges.

“By their actions, it is self-evident that the objective of these government sources was to create unfair prejudice against Mr. Manafort and thereby deprive him of his Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights,” wrote Manafort lawyers Kevin M. Downing and Thomas E. Zehnle

I do not know whether Mr. Manafort’s lawyers are just blowing smoke (it wouldn’t be the first time lawyers did that), or for real.

But if they are for real, what does it say about:

-The inquisition of Paul Manafort?

-The god-only-know-how-much money he has had to spend in legal fees for nothing?

-And, most importantly, the basic integrity of Robert Mueller’s investigation Star Chamber – which has been – 100% justifiably – in question for a long time now?

Hasn’t this farce of an “investigation”, stocked with donors to the Democrat Party and to Hillary CLinton in particular, which has found NOTHING in a full year’s time, despite full cooperation by the Trump administration (compare that to what the Clintons did when the IC was Ken Starr), gone on long enough?

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