Today’s quote comes to us from Donny Deutsch, the resident know-it-all on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show, featuring Joe Scarborough and his fiancé, Mika Brzezinski.

On this morning’s edition, a video was played showing President Trump listening to someone speak while crossing his arms.


And nothing, if you’re a normal person.  Most of us, at least sometimes, listen to others speak with our arms folded.

But Donny Deutsch “knew” what those folded arms really meant.  Here is what he said about them:

“This is the first time since he’s come on the political scene I’ve seen his arms like this.  It’s interesting how you really feel that he is almost afraid. That the more he blusters, the more you feel his insecurity, the more you feel his pathos, his neuroses.”

A question for you:  when you fold your arms, does that mean you are afraid?  Blustering? Insecure?  Laden with pathos (i.e. looking for pity)?  Neurotic?

Or are you just folding your arms?

I award Donny Deutsch Quote Of The Day “honors” for reminding us that Trump hatred is truly becoming an art form. ..while keeping in mind that some people create their “art” using dung and urine.

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