Today’s quote comes to us from former President Barack Obama…who decided to travel to Berlin and make a speech lecturing current President Donald Trump, while Mr. Trump was completing his highly successful trip to the Middle East and Europe.

Mr. Obama, without mentioning  Mr. Trump by name, said this:

“In this new world that we live in we can’t isolate ourselves.  We can’t hide behind a wall.”

The inference – Mr. Trump’s intention to build a wall between the United States and Mexico – couldn’t be clearer.

However, ironically…almost comically…the area where Mr. Obama spoke, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel sitting next to him, was, for security purposes, secured with barricades to keep people out:

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Attacking walls, while being protected by them?  Wow.

I award Barack Obama Quote Of The Day honors for sheer hypocrisy….not to mention classlessness for attacking the current President on foreign soil.

No matter what I think of the guy currently in the Oval Office, be assured I’m glad that Barack Obama is the guy currently out of it.

UPDATE:  In case you didn’t think I made enough of a case for Barack Obama’s hypocrisy regarding a wall to keep people out, feast your eyes on his:

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That, folks, is the just-completed wall that Mr. Obama had constructed around HIS HOME in Washington D.C.

Why is there a wall?  Because the only people he wants in there are people who he asks in, not people who just decide to come.

Does that sound suspiciously like the concept behind Trump’s wall?



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