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During his recent visit to Israel, President Donald Trump made a 14-year old girl’s dream come true. Emilee Imbar has been battling cancer for the last seven years, and has dreamed of meeting with the U.S. President.

Rachashei Lev is Israel’s national support center for pediatric cancer patients, and among their hundreds of invaluable services, they have helped thousands of pediatric cancer patients to achieve their dreams.


Shimi Geshayed, Director of Rachashei Lev (pictured center) together with long time Rachashei Lev supporter, Prime Minister Benjamen Natanyahu, (left) were able to facilitate a meeting between Emilee and President Trump that neither of them are sure to forget. Despite the Presidents overwhelmingly packed schedule on his 27 hour trip to Israel, he was eager to meet this special girl and make her dream come true.

The reason I am posting this story from a small Jewish web site, is that – based on googling and reading through the first three full pages, it is not being reported at any mainstream media site.

Do you think CBS, or NBC, or ABC, or CNN, or the New York Times, or the Washington Post, etc. etc. etc. would have reported a warm fuzzy moment like this if it were, say Barack Obama meeting with the same14 year old girl fighting cancer?

Say, aren’t these the same media who spent all that time during the campaign insinuating that President Trump is an anti-Semite?   THAT lie they were happy to jump all over, -but his moment, which young Emilee Imbar will remember for the rest of her (long and happy, I hope) life?  Not worth a word.

One other thing:  one of the websites which did post this story is  And one of its commenters said: “I’m sure they’ll start reporting it, once they can figure out how to blame Trump for her cancer…”

I think he’s got a point.

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