Today’s quote comes to us not from an individual, but from an an entity:  National Public Radio (NPR)

It seems that NPR has just put out an email to readers, titled “Bold, unbiased journalism”.

I could stop here, and we not only would we have the quote of the day, but the laugh of the day as well – for reasons you certainly would know if you were anywhere from just mildly liberal, to the middle,  to anywhere right of center, and ever listened to its programming lineup.

But there is more.

Here is a taste:

We strongly believe in and follow the core journalism values of accuracy, fairmindedness, integrity and independence.

How’s that for a knee-slapper?

I award National Public Radio Quote Of The Day honors, for essentially telling us to believe its own self-characterization….and, by so doing, ignore our ears and our common sense.

Thanks guys.  I doubt I will come across anything funnier for the rest of the day.

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