There many adjectives that can be used to describe President Obama’s frontal attack on Israel as he walks out the Oval Office door.

Three of them are stupid, vindictive and counterproductive.

At hotair.com, the blogger using the unfortunate screen name “allahpundit” explains this very well:

It didn’t occur to me yesterday in my own consideration of Kerry’s speech, as we tend to be more sensitive to divisions on our own side. But various liberals have made the point today that the UN resolution last week and Kerry’s subsequent defense of it are arguably worse than useless. It’s not just that the resolution will no longer represent U.S. policy three weeks from now, and may very well end up poisoning American relations with the UN. It’s that the subject of pressuring Israel to make peace is far more fraught for the left than it is for the right. It’s one thing for Obama and Kerry to apply that pressure if they think it’ll produce tangible results — but what the hell is the point of doing it when they have one foot out the door, knowing that Netanyahu won’t listen, and further knowing that this is destined to put pro- and anti-Israel liberals in the U.S. at each other’s throats?

I doubt this could be said any better.

It clearly shows what a combination of an ego and a snit can result in.

This is a meaningless lesson for Barack Obama, who is leaving office – and seems not to have the capacity to learn anyway.

But it is an excellent lesson, if he chooses to learn it, for Donald Trump.

I hope shows more potential for receptivity than his predecessor.

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