Today\’s quote comes to us from Chris Matthews….the increasingly bizarre host of “Hardball” on (where else?) MSNBC.

Here, from Friday\’s show, is Matthews\’ take on how the 2014 midterm elections are shaping up:

“Republicanssay, we\’ve got to cut entitlements….and yet, they don\’t pay a pricefor it politically. I\’mdetermined that they pay a price for their wordsDemocratsbetter be focusing on what Republicans are promising to do onissues like choice, on issues like voter suppression, or they\’regoing to get their asses handed to them this November.”

Chris Matthews apparently thinks that a Republican message of fewer entitlements — during an administration which has averaged roughly one trillion dollars a year in deficit spending — is some kind of albatross around the party\’s neck that they must pay for. 

Er, Chris: the people who most want more and more entitlements are, for the most part, already owned and operated by the Democrat Party. That message is resonating with the rest of the voters. You make sure that those voters stay tuned in to the Republican position on that issue and they will thank you for it.

Regarding choice?  If you are talking about the Republican national platform statement – which is an albatross around its neck, and should be – you have a point.  If you are referring to issues like forcing abortion clinics to have serious medical standards of banning late term abortions, you better read the polls.  Republicans will thank you for that as well.

And ditto for the so-called “voter suppression” of insisting that people who want to vote provide a valid ID to prove they are who they say they are?  Every poll I have seen on this issue shows it to be a big winner for Republicans.  Even most Black people – a large majority of whom, based on recent voting patterns, Republicans have no chance for – support the ID requirement (Black support, according to a poll commissioned by McClatchey – hardly a conservative news source – stood at 83%).

I award Chris Matthews Quote Of The Day honors – partly for what he said, and partly in recognition of his remarkable ability to say it without spittle streaming from the corner of his mouth.   

Considering the dribble-inducing nature of what Matthews is pumping out these days, I wonder how much longer he can hold it off.

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