Last month I blogged about Julie Boonstra, a woman who is fighting leukemia, and whose medical insurance was canceled due to ObamaCare.

For weeks now, Democrats – with considerable help from their Accomplice Media –  have been engaged in a desperate war to discredit Ms. Boonstra, and other people with similar stories (remember Harry Reid\’s pathetically dishonest claim that all of them are liars:  every one?)

Well, the latest on this saga is a piece written by Henry Payne at nationalreview.com, showing how fraudulent the attacks on Ms. Boonstra have been.

I am going to give you only the tiniest taste of what Mr. Payne wrote, because I feel it is highly necessary that you read his entire commentary:

TheBoonstraattacks are not an isolated event. Cancer victim Edie Sundbywasattacked by California Democrats and the LosAngeles Timeswhen she wrote an op-edcritical of Obamacarein the WallStreet Journal.Democrats and their SpokaneReviewparrots thrashedBette Grenier when she too dared question the ACA.And cancervictim Catherine Blackwood. And so on.

Howmany patients will be intimidated by such tactics? How many willpersevere like Boonstra? It\’s only March. Democrats are justgetting warmed up.

A point of order: did you happen to notice that every example cited by Payne is female? 

As you can see, the attempt to discredit Julie Boonstra is not an isolated incident.  It is a strategy. 

Democrats are treating these women roughly the way they treated the women, one after another, who came forward and accused Bill Clinton of molesting them.

Damn these bitches.   Just because they have cancer and had their policies canceled, they think they have a right to criticize our lord and savior, Barack Obama?   How dare they.

Tell me again:  who is waging a war on women?

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