Today\’s quote comes to us from someone who probably deserves more frequent recognition in this series:  Melissa Harris-Perry, a young (by my 68 year old standards) woman, with unfailingly left wing views on everything, who has a weekend show on (where else?) MSNBC.

The Saturday before last, Ms. Perry did a segment involving an Alabama law which says that if a minor becomes pregnant and wants to have an abortion, but her parents refuse to allow it, she can petition the courts to get one. 

It turns out that Ms. Harris-Perry does not understand why the parents or the court should have any say in the matter.  Here, in her own words, is why:

“Areyou at all distressed in the ways that I am about the idea that thereis a separate interest between an individual and something that ishappening in her body that cannot at that moment exist outside of herbody? So, the idea, for example, that I would need a court\’spermission for cancer treatment or the court\’s permission for asurgery that would remove my hand. Like, if it\’s my body, I guess Ican\’t understand why the state would have to give me permission.”

Interesting issue.

Let\’s start with the fact that a minor is a minor. Considered by the courts to be too young to make significant life decisions on his/her own. This is not a status exclusive to abortion, it is a status inclusive of almost everything.  So we understand that abortion is not being singled out here, it is just one of the bunch.

Now let\’s see about those comparisons:

-Cancer treatment:  Call me a zealot, call me whatever you care to, but I find it difficult to compare a pregnancy in progress to a cancerous tumor.  Apparently Ms. Harris-Perry does not.  Maybe if she considered the fact that a pregnancy, left to continue, winds up with you holding a baby and a cancerous tumor, left to continue, winds up damaging/most likely killing you, she might reconsider.  Then again, maybe not. 

-Hand removal:  This one is particularly intriguing.  I am sort of hoping Ms. Harris-Perry understands that, barring truly exigent circumstances (e.g. a horrific accident requiring immediate medical action), if a minor walked into a hospital and asked to have her hand surgically removed, they would not say “Ok, we can fit you in next Tuesday, how\’s that?”.  They would call her parents.  Just like with an abortion. 

Assuming Ms. Harris-Perry does understand this, what can her logic be?  Did she watch too many episodes of The Addams Family as a kid, and start believing that Thing, the family member consisting of a disembodied hand, was real, just like a fetus?  Who knows?

I award Melissa Harris-Perry Quote Of The Day honors for reminding us of just how completely people with an agenda are able to contort logic….and that someone contorting it this completely would be attractive enough for someone like Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC, to give her a show.

Say, I wonder if Phil can find a spot for the Addams Family\’s cousin Itt.  I admit he could use a haircut, but when he gets flustered he does sound a little like Ed Schultz… and would probably take a lot less in salary.  So what the heck?

Or, as Shakespeare might have said…..Itt too, Phil?

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