Common sense tells me that the issue of whether to charge bowe bergdahl with desertion should have, and could have, been resolved almost immediately. 

On June 30, 2009, bowe bergdahl went missing from his post.  Where did he go?  In 2010 the Pentagon conducted its own investigation and determined that he deserted.

When added to the fact that, one after another, the soldiers who served in his outfit also accused him of desertion (can anyone find even one who said otherwise?), it is self-evident that he should be charged, and brought to trial.

So how come almost 9 months have by and the Obama administration has not allowed release of its investigation, let alone allowed a trial date to be set?

Well, here\’s a possibility: how about the fact that President Obama traded five high-ranking taliban terrorists for bergdahl – one of whom, it was barely reported in media last week, has already sought out his taliban cohorts, presumably to resume his activities (can the others be far behind?).

See, if people are reminded that we handed five high-ranking taliban terrorists – with their significant histories of engaging in the terrorism and murder the taliban exists for, and who, it is very likely, will be terrorizing and murdering again as they did previously – for a deserter…it will not look good for Mr. Obama.  It will look very bad for him. 

Actually it will look like President Obama and the people around him made an astoundingly stupid, disastrous foreign policy blunder. 

And then people might think of Egypt, and Libya, and Syria, and Russia, and our all-time-low quality of relations with an ally like Israel, and Obama\’s no-show during the Paris march against terrorism, etc. etc. etc.  This might cause them to conclude that astoundingly stupid and disastrous foreign policy blunders are not one-time occurrences for Obama & Co., they happen all the time.

And, from that, people might conclude that the Democrats who supported every one of these astoundingly stupid, disastrous foreign policy blunders do not deserve their support…..which just might translate into whomever wins the Democrat presidential nod for 2016.

Think that has anything to do with the bergdahl blockade?  

Me too.

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