Today\’s quote comes to us from Allen West, a military veteran and former (maybe also future) congressperson from Florida.

Speaking of the Obama administration\’s reaction to incidents of racial violence, this is what he had to say:

WhatI do find very hypocritical is that President Obama nor Eric Holderhave said anything about the four black gang members who brutallycarjacked and took Captain Kevin Quick, a Virginia reserve policeofficer, and murdered him.  We did not hear them say anythingabout the nineteen-year-old New Jersey teenager, Brendan Devlin, whowas gunned down by a black self-proclaimed jihadist.  We haveheard them say nothing about the two black teenagers that bludgeonedto death a World War II Okinawa veteran out in Spokane, Washington. Nor about the black teenager who shot a young toddler in the face inBrunswick, Georgia.  So I think that the country has to reallyget tired of this cherry-picking of these instances of theirperceived social justice and their own agenda that they are trying touse for their own elevation.  And this really is getting quitedespicable.

Is Mr. West correct? Do President Obama and Attorney General holder go hard after incidents – real or imagined – of Black on White violence, while saying little or nothing when it is Black on White?

Well, there\’s the list supplied by Mr. West.  How many of those people have you heard about from Obama & Co.?  But you certainly have heard about Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, haven\’t you? 

What does that tell you about Barack Obama and eric holder?

I would like to add one more example to Allen West\’s list.  On August 11, 2 days after White Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed, 18 year old Black Michael Brown,  a Latino/Black Salt Lake City Utah Officer, Bron Cruz shot and killed 20 year old, White, unarmed Dillon Taylor. 

Officer Cruz has since been cleared of charges for that shooting.  This generated only minor protests, no looting, no rioting, no torching of stores near where the shooting took place………and not one word from either President Obama or Attorney General holder.

I award Allen West Quote Of The Day honors for – again, as he has in the past – speaking plainly and truthfully, without regard to anyone\’s skin color.  How I wish there were more people like him.

Let me end by pointing out that there are many racial double standards in this country.  I can show you examples that some people feel are damaging to Black citizens, and I can show you examples that some people feel are beneficial. 

When do we realize that all double standards are damaging to all people?  That\’s a day would love to see. 

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