“Hands up.  Don\’t shoot”.  It has been the rallying cry for the Michael Brown protesters/rioters/looters/anarchists virtually from day one.

Why?  Because Michael Brown\’s friend, dorian johnson told us Brown had his hands up in surrender and begged Officer Wilson “Don\’t shoot” before Wilson wantonly gunned him down in cold blood….

…and because a pathologist – Professor Shawn Parcells of Washburn, University, conducted an autopsy and validated that Brown\’s hands were raised when he was shot.


…we found out that dorian johnson is a congenital liar.  He is a thug with a criminal record who was found to have lied to police in a separate action three years ago.  And, regarding the Michael Brown shooting, he claimed to have hooked up with Brown while walking in the street…until video surveillance tape showed he was with Brown in the convenience store that Brown robbed, and then roughed up the store clerk/owner who tried to get money for what Brown was taking. 

So much for dorian Johnson.  But what about shawn parcells\’ autopsy?

The answer, ironically, comes to us from CNN – which, in an earlier blog, I cited for doing its best to keep this story\’s racial tension at fever pitch.

What did CNN find out?  CLICK HERE to read the full article.  You will see that CNN\’s investigation makes absolute mincemeat out of parcells\’ claims,  and therefore any credibility he might have had.  A partial list of its findings shows that: 

-shawn parcells is not a doctor;

-parcells is not a pathologist;

-parcells has no formal training in performing autopsies;

-Washburn University says parcells is not now and never has been a professor there.

In short, this guy is so full of crap his eyes are brown.

Which certainly explains why the official autopsy, performed by actual pathologists with actual training and actual credentials – shows that Michael Brown\’s was not shot facing Officer Darren Wilson with his hands up at all. 

But does this make one bit of difference to most of the Michael Brown protesters?  Nope.  They\’re still chanting “Hands up.  Don\’t shoot” as if dorian johnson\’s claims about what happened and shawn parcells\’ “autopsy” are for real.

The one silver lining I can find in this story is, interestingly enough, for jonathan gruber, the Professor (a real one, Shawn) who told us he created a BS economic model for ObamaCare because Americans are too stupid to support the real one.  Now gruber can smile broadly and say “Hey, you thought I was off-base when I called a lot of Americans stupid?  Well, look at how many of them still believe that \’hands up, don\’t shoot\’ BS.  I rest my case”.

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